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Montessori Brown Stair: Montessori Sensorial Material

Montessori brown stair

In Montessori education, the Brown Stairs, also known as Broad Stairs, stand as a remarkable educational tool that engages young learners in a hands-on journey of understanding size, dimension, and spatial relationships. These stairs, with their distinct color, size variations, and purposeful design, serve as a cornerstone of the Montessori Method, fostering both cognitive and sensory development in early childhood education.

Appearance and Dimensions:

The Brown Stairs consist of ten wooden blocks, each varying in both length and width. Starting from the smallest block and progressing to the largest, these blocks are identical in height while differing in other dimensions. The blocks are uniformly brown, highlighting the contrast between sizes and emphasizing the purpose of the activity.

brown stair size

Engaging in Activities:

Students in the Montessori classroom are introduced to the Brown Stairs as a sensorial activity. Through this hands-on experience, children explore concepts of dimension and size. They are encouraged to arrange the blocks in sequential order, creating a visual representation of size progression. This simple act cultivates their ability to differentiate between the various dimensions and internalize the concept of relative size.

Teacher’s Role:

Montessori educators play a pivotal role in guiding students through the exploration of the Brown Stairs. They present the material with enthusiasm and clarity, inviting students to engage their senses and interact with the blocks. Teachers observe and assess students’ interactions, identifying opportunities for further learning and tailoring their guidance to individual needs.

Learner’s Journey:

As students manipulate the Brown Stairs, they are not merely arranging wooden blocks; they are laying the foundation for mathematical thinking. Through tactile experiences, they internalize abstract concepts of measurement and proportion. Additionally, this activity hones their fine motor skills, focus, and concentration – skills that extend beyond the Montessori classroom.

Purpose and Benefits:

The purpose of the Brown Stairs activity is multi-fold. Firstly, it provides a tangible introduction to the concept of size gradation. Secondly, it refines visual discrimination skills, encouraging children to identify minute differences in dimensions. Finally, the activity prepares young minds for future mathematical exploration, fostering a confident and positive attitude towards mathematical concepts.


The Montessori Brown Stairs, with their inviting color, graduated dimensions, and engaging activities, exemplify the philosophy of “learning by doing.” Through this tactile experience, children develop not only their cognitive abilities but also their sensory perception and motor skills. By introducing abstract concepts in a concrete manner, the Brown Stairs illuminate the path to a deeper understanding of size, dimension, and spatial relationships. As young learners arrange, compare, and explore these blocks, they are embarking on a journey of discovery that will shape their educational voyage for years to come.

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