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The 20 Best Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Olds

When your tiny tot starts to explore and learn about the world around them, the right toys can make a big difference in their thinking and moving abilities. Montessori toys are designed to get young minds excited and help them explore on their own. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best Montessori toys for 1-year-olds. These toys are not only fun to play with but also help them learn important things.

1 Montessori Infant Coin Box

The Montessori Infant Coin Box is a cool toy that teaches babies about things staying even when they can’t see them and how their hands and eyes work together. When your child puts a coin into the box and it disappears, they start to understand how one thing leads to another.

Montessori Infant Coin Box

2 Natural Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity

This special rattle and teether are made from natural stuff and help with teething pain. The way it’s shaped helps babies learn how to use their hands better. They can feel different textures and shapes while playing with it.

Natural Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity - Montessori Toy

3 Montessori Lower and Capital Case Sandpaper Letters 

These letters feel like sandpaper and are great for teaching kids about letters. They come in big and small letters and help kids learn to read and feel different things.

Elite Montessori Lower and Capital Case Sandpaper Letters with Boxes

4 Baby Key Rattle

The Baby Key Rattle is not just a noise-maker. It has different shapes and colors that babies love to look at and hold. This helps them hold things better and learn how their hands work.

Baby Key Rattle

5 Multiple Shape Puzzles

This puzzle has lots of pieces in different shapes. Babies learn to put them together, which helps them solve problems and think better.

Multiple Shape Puzzles

6 Infant Coordination Mirror

Babies really like looking at themselves in mirrors. An infant coordination mirror helps them look and also teaches them to follow things with their eyes.

7 Organic Montessori Styled Wood Baby Rattle

This baby rattle is made from natural stuff and makes noise. The way it feels is also nice for babies to touch. Holding onto it helps them learn how to use their hands.

Organic Montessori Styled Wood Baby Rattle

8 Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks

“Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks” is a captivating Montessori toy that offers a delightful combination of sensory exploration and auditory engagement for babies. Crafted from wood, these discovery blocks provide a safe and textured surface for babies to touch and explore.

Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks

9 Montessori Sound Boxes

These sound boxes help babies learn to tell different sounds apart. Babies match sounds to boxes, which helps them understand different types of sounds.

Montessori Sound Boxes

10 Wooden Mushroom Toys

These wooden mushrooms are fun to play with. Babies learn how to stack them up and balance them, which also helps with using their hands.

Wooden Mushroom Toys

11 Wire Beads Maze Toy

The wire beads maze toy feels cool to touch and helps babies use their hands better. Babies move colorful beads on twisted wires, which makes their hands work well.

Wire Beads Maze Toy

12 Textured Multi Ball Set

This ball set has different textures that babies can feel. Babies can hold, roll, and touch the balls to explore different feelings.

Textured Multi Ball Set

13 Montessori Shape Puzzle

This puzzle helps babies learn about shapes. Babies match each piece to its right place, which helps them think and learn about shapes.

14 Montessori Object Permanence Box

This classic Montessori toy helps babies learn that things still exist even if they can’t see them. Babies enjoy putting things in the box and seeing them come out again.

Montessori Object Permanence Box

15 Wooden Pop Up Toy

With this toy, babies learn that they can make things happen. When they push buttons, colorful animals pop up. This helps them use their hands and eyes together.

Wooden Pop Up Toy

16 Phonetic Reading Blocks

These blocks teach babies about letters and sounds. Each block has a letter, picture, and word to help babies learn to read.

Phonetic Reading Blocks

17 Wooden Rainbow Nesting Puzzle Blocks

These colorful blocks help babies learn how to build things. They can stack and sort the blocks to make different shapes.

Wooden Rainbow Nesting Puzzle Blocks

18 Lacing Beads for Fine Motor Skills

These beads are fun to thread onto strings. Threading beads helps babies use their hands better and makes them more coordinated.

Lacing Beads for Fine Motor Skills

19 Wooden Race Tracks

These wooden race tracks are great for playing together. Babies can push little cars down the tracks, which helps them play and learn.

Wooden Race Tracks

20 Large Building Foam Blocks for Toddlers

These foam blocks are really fun to play with. Babies can build things, knock them down, and use their hands to create.

Large Building Foam Blocks for Toddlers


Getting Montessori toys for your 1-year-old is not just fun – it also helps them think, feel, and use their hands better. These toys are specially chosen to be exciting and helpful for learning. When you pick toys that follow Montessori ideas, you’re helping your baby learn and grow in a great way.

FAQs (Montessori Toys for 1 Year Old)

Are Montessori toys suitable for all children?

Montessori toys are designed to be inclusive and beneficial for most children’s development.

Can you make Montessori toys at home?

Absolutely! Many Montessori-inspired toys can be made using household items and a little creativity.

How often should I rotate Montessori toys?

Aim to rotate toys every 1-2 weeks to maintain your child’s interest and engagement.

Are plastic Montessori toys effective?

Natural materials are generally preferred, but some plastic toys can still offer valuable learning experiences.

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